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This or That: Bookish Edition part 2

I had so much fun writing the first This or That post (which can be found here) that I’ve decided to make it into a little series! If you have any suggestions of ones for me to do in future posts be sure to leave them in the comments.

Have dinner with your favourite author or favourite character?

This is SUCH an interesting one to start on! Firstly, the author would probably be Sarah J Maas and the character would be either Jesper from Six of Crows or Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses. Saying that, if I were to go with Sarah then she could probably give me all of the answers I would ask Rhys but at the same time, it wouldn’t be quite the same as actually seeing Rhys. But then there’s Jesper – I feel like we would have such a laugh together and probably just get drunk and cause chaos. I think I’m going to say Jesper but I wouldn’t turn down dinner with most of the authors/characters I’ve read to be fair!

Favourite book turn into a movie or favourite movie turned into a book?

I would probably prefer my favourite book to be turned into a movie – or even better, a TV series with about 5 series and a good amount of episoders per season! The problem with a film is that it can cut out a lot of the detail which I love – for example the film of City of Bones is god-awful, I’m not saying the series was perfect but I’d say it definitely included more than the film did. Plus, my favourite movie is probably already an adaptation from a book…

Only read new books or only re-read books?

Definitely only read new books! I don’t tend to re-read books anyway so I don’t think I would be hugely affected by this. Plus there are so many amazing books out there that I’m yet to read that I definitely wouldn’t be bored!

Read a book in one sitting or take it slow and steady?

It depends on the day and it depends on the book. There have been some books like The Fault in Our Stars and Let It Snow that I have consumed within hours because I was so in love with the stories. But then there’s books that I would absolutely love to devour in one sitting but I force myself to take it slow so I truly read every word rather than skim reading. There’s also the matter of, now I’m an adult *boo, hiss*, that I simply just don’t have the time to sit down and read an entire book. I may book a few days off in the future though to just sit and read because it’s definitely good for the soul.

Unlimited free books or live inside your favourite world?

I guess this one depends on if my favourite world has reached an equilibrium and everyone is living their best lives as opposed to all the fighting and wars that seems to happen within my favourite worlds. That being said, how could I turn down UNLIMITED FREE books?! I would glady put up with any world if I had an abundance of books and time to read.

Adult or Young Adult?

I think I’m very much still a Young Adult reader. I don’t consider myself grown up enough to read Adult books (which is weird considering I’m definitely no longer a young adult!). There’s also the fact that I love Young Adult books and how they approach different topics; I think it can be done way better in Young Adult books because the target audience is more open-minded and willing to challenge stereotypes.

BookTube or BookTok?

I downloaded TikTok because I’d heard so much about BookTok and the array of content. However, I barely lasted a day before concluding that the platform just wasn’t for me. I think I prefer more in depth content. With that, I don’t consume an awful lot of BookTube either but I am starting to. But again, it’s finding the time to sit down and watch a BookTube video. I think I may start watching them in the background whilst I’m doing other things, but I do get distracted really easily…

Well, there we go! Another set of fun and interesting This or That questions answered. I really love making myself sit down and actually consider the options, weighing up the pros and cons of each.

If you have any This or That questions you think I should answer in my next post – be sure to leave them in the comments! And let me know your responses to the questions I’ve asked above!

Till next time.

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