Top Ten Tuesday: Things on my Reading Wishlist

I am BACK! And to celebrate my return I’m kicking off with a Top Ten Tuesday. This week is a list of things I want to see more of in books – let’s see if I can actually get to ten!


1. YA novels set outside of the US – I feel a lot of the young adult novels nowadays are set in the US and I would LOVE for more to explore the world, whether it be the UK or Europe of Australia. (Side note: there totally could be awesome books set in other places but a lot of the ones I’ve read seem to be American!)

2. More season appropriate novels – One of my favourite series is The Summer I Turned Pretty and it was the perfect summer read and I’d love more books that are perfect to read at certain times of the year, it makes me feel mushy.

3. More sister stories – There’s something about a strong sister relationship that makes me smile and I’d love to see more within YA novels specifically.

4. More John Green! – John Green is one of my favourite authors ever and I’m just gagging for more novels from him!

5. More stalkers/obsession – I really loved reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins and would love to read more books like that – maybe I’ve just not looked for books like it but who knows!

6. Trashy romance novels – There’s something I love about extremely cheesy romance novels that just makes me feel warm and mushy on the inside and they’re something I definitely want more of!

7. Less annoying protagonists – This is something I want LESS of; sometimes I love the main characters of novels but sometimes there’s main characters, who always seem to be female, who annoy me because of how much they moan or whine, give me some strong and independent girls who can actually cope with the shit thrown at them!

8. Amazing series – I love immersing myself into fictional worlds and when there’s a whole series where I can do that, I’m there! My favourite series are The Mortal Instruments and the Red Queen series so more like that please!

9. University life – As a girl who’s just finished university, I’d love to read more about it and especially it being set in England where it’s a lot different to the American college system.

10. Heroines who are happy with their body – I want to see more heroines who aren’t necessarily the skinniest but they’re happy with that, more body positivity please!

So that’s my list! Think you know any books that fits any of these that I should read? Comment them below!

The Top Ten Tuesday meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish


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