Top Ten Tuesday: Things books have made me want to do after reading them

So this weeks Top Ten Tuesday is all about things that I’ve wanted to do/learn about from reading a book!

1. Go on an epic road trip!

Ever since reading Paper Towns I’ve always wanted to go on an amazing road trip where lots of weird and wonderful things happen. One day (when I learn to drive) I will do this!

2. Learn to do magic

Come on, everyone who reads Harry Potter wants to become wizard, right?! What’s not to love about being to turn your enemies into rats and fly way on your firebolt!

3. Fall in love

Let’s be real, a lot of books I read make me want to fall in love with someone but I think I would love a relationship like Emma and Julian (although maybe less complicated) in Lady Midnight. There’s just something about them that is so sweet and I was literally shouting at my book for them to kiss.

4. Cry

I’m a very emotional person so a lot books I read make me cry but some make me bawl my eyes out. The 2 that really made me cry are The Fault in Our Stars (no surprise there) and A Monster Calls. I needed a box of tissues to get over both of those.

5. Write a book

I don’t think there is one specific book that has made me want to do this. Most books I read and just think that I would love to write something as amazing as what I just read. I think the author that inspires me most for this one though is definitely Cassandra Clare, I love all that she does.

6. Make a difference in someone’s life

All the Bright Places inspired this one. I’d love to be able to have such an impact on someone’s life – whether it be a friend, a family member, I just want someone to know that I love them unconditionally and know that they feel the same.

7. Live in America

So many YA books are set in America and it just seems like such a cool place to live. I feel like if I lived there I would have so many more adventures and fall in love and kick some ass (I’m not sure how that last one fits in, but it does).

8. Be a badass

I aspire to be Clary from the Mortal Instruments… She’s such a badass and kicks some serious demon butt and *sigh* I just want to be Clary (Also, I get Jace.. AMIRITE LADIES).

9. Learn everything

So many books make me want to learn. Things like psychology or Greek mythology, baking or drawing, or even learning how to be confident. Books have always inspired me to learn random new things and I honestly hope they continue to.

10. Be a vampire

Stop laughing! This is 100% serious. Reading books like the Twilight series and the House of Night series always made me want to be a vampire. I mean come on, vampires always end up being ridiculously good looking, they have some serious abilities like seeing the future AND they don’t have to go out in sunlight… What’s not to want about that?!

Tell me what things books have made you want to do in the comments!

The Top Ten Tuesdy meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Things books have made me want to do after reading them

  1. No 8 and 10 are great! Be a badass – who wouldn’t want to be. No.10 – I have read a couple of vampire books where the vampire stayed exactly the same as before they changed – which was quite funny.
    Lynn 😀


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