Top Ten Tuesday: Facts about me

Top Ten Tuesday is here again and this week is 10 facts about me – some bookish, some not – hopefully you’ll enjoy them either way!

1. My favourite author is Cassandra Clare and has been ever since I read City of Bones. No matter what she writes, I absolutely love it. Although confession time: I haven’t read all of the Infernal Devices.

2. My ultimate dream is to be a successful YA author but I also would love to work within publishing and I’m taking the steps to make my dream come true.

3. I’m currently at university studying English Literature and Creative Writing and am averaging out at a 2:1 (which is pretty good if you don’t understand university grades!) I start my third and final year in September and am excited but also very scared for it to all be over.

4. The most books I’ve read is 7 books in 7 days so I basically read a book every day. This was when I was on holiday a few years ago which is weird because people go on holiday to relax but I always end up doing more reading on holiday than at home.

5. I met Cassandra Clare a few months ago at her signing for Lady Midnight in Birmingham and haven’t actually posted about it on most of my social media. *insert my terrible picture with her* It was really rushed but she seemed absolutely lovely.


6. I’ve never watched Game of Thrones (this is where everybody gasps and stops reading my blog for ever and ever). I’ve never really been interested in it and because so many people talk about it, I’ve become bored of listening to it so…. yeah. (pls don’t hate me)

7. I’ve not read all of the Harry Potter books and I only read the first three last summer. I don’t know why I hadn’t read them before because I’ve watched the films hundreds of time and absolutely loved them but I own all of the books now, it’s just actually getting round to reading them now!

8. I read TFIOS in 5 hours and cried my eyes out for basically the entire book… I guess it was an emotional time for me. I also loved the film adaptation of the book and cried for most of that… I CRY A LOT OKAY.

9. I love Bookstagram I’m just not very good at taking high quality photos for my account but that doesn’t stop me trying! I love the bookstagram community and looking at pretty pictures of books pleases me in a way I cannot describe.

10. I judge a book by its cover no matter how much I try not to, if it’s a pretty cover I’m 100% more likely to buy it. For example, the Beautiful Broken Things cover is possibly my favourite cover and I didn’t even read the blurb before buying it. Yay for pretty books!

Tell me some facts about you in the comments!

The Top Ten Tuesday meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.


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